Orange County Friends Meeting
Religious Society of Friends (Quakers)

Costa Mesa, California

About Orange County Friends Meeting

We began in Orange County in 1965, part of the Religious Society of Friends, often called Quakers, a religious movement that began in England in the 1650s, and within a few years became rooted in the American colonies. We are affiliated with Pacific Yearly Meeting, which traces its roots to a Quaker organization founded in 1889 in San Jose, California.

Like early Friends, Orange County Friends Meeting has neither clergy, liturgy nor steepled church, and follows the original form of Quaker worship by gathering in silence and expectant waiting, without prearranged singing, Bible reading, prayers, or sermon. The Meeting has no sacraments (communion, baptism, etc.). Its members believe answering "that of God" in every person, and in the essential oneness and equality of all persons, regardless of skin color, national origin, ethnicity, gender or gender preference.

The Meeting comprises approximately 60 families, and meets every Sunday. Most Sundays begin with a hour of general discussion starting at 9:30. Meeting for Worship begins at 10:30 and lasts an hour. A social hour follows. Childcare is always available, and anyone is welcome to attend.

Please read the notice at the bottom of the home page for our current meeting schedule (zoom only, hybrid, no zoom).